1) To awaken individuals so that they allow more light/ positivity into themselves by remembering who they really are and acknowledging the power within them thereby offering a choice to grow and shift from their current state of being and realizing their innate potential.
2) To awaken women to their divine feminine and allow them to step into their power by hosting women’s circles and restoring their connection with their femininity when they undergo chemo e.t.c
3) To introduce empowerment and healing to the community, patients and staff in hospitals promoting ' healthy mind, healthy body '

Deepak Chopra “For instance, a liver cell takes six weeks to regenerate, skin cells take three or four weeks, while we gain a whole new stomach lining every four days and all our eye cells completely replicate themselves every two days. If you get a whole new liver every six weeks, why is it that if you have liver cancer in January, it’s still there in June? Your liver would have regenerated itself several times by then. All the cells would be entirely new. Old memories that cause degenerative disease patterns in the cells and that are passed on to new cells before the old diseased cell dies. Hence the disease continues.”

Dr Masaru Emoto, "a researcher claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. His work displayed that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualisation."

The body compromises of an average 60% of water- from the above statements, we can extract that an individual has the power and ability to heal the self . I have studied in the lineage of King Solomon that has proven over time that progression and fulfilling our true life purpose and inner peace is the way forward to creating world peace. From personal experience, the willingness to heal ourselves and desiring inner peace comes from a place of a deeper calling or pull towards truth...